Why Should You Hide Your Identity Online?

Even if you aren’t doing anything illegal, your privacy is important and, at times, calls for hiding your identity online. This information will go over the top of your mums and dad head and they probably wont care about it or just simply think its stupid, but since everything is recorded in cookies and also via your IP address when you browse, you need privacy. In fact companies like Facebook and Google openly admit to tracking what you do online so they can market to you. So what can you do about it? and what are some of the different methods to hide yourself online?
1. Sign out of social media and delete cookies

The technically savvy will say this won’t work, since your IP address is still the same and companies can track you. But, it’s still a small level of protection, as Facebook won’t be able to track who is reading articles via their Like buttons, and Google won’t be able to identify you either.
Also, ISPs do in fact change your IP sometimes, which will stifle companies from tracking you. Be careful though, cookies do get set in your browser to track you. If you want to be safe with this method, disable cookies on your browser, however you’ll find that disabling cookies can very annoying when using promotions to get points for buying online etc, as they use cookies for these types of promotions.

2. Proxies

This is the second level of protection. Proxies are free services, mostly just a random server, that you go to and enter the URL you want to visit. Then they show you the page via their server, usually along with their own adverts to make money and pay for their costs.
A lot of school kids use this method who want to access Facebook at school when its banned, they can easily load it up via a proxy. The downside is they are usually very slow because they use cheap servers and cheap bandwidth. Our proxy server is a high end server and we also have a high bandwidth network, so it normally is very fast for a proxy website. Give it a try using our proxy service called Proxy Tunnel.

3. TOR

TOR is a piece of software that let’s you hide your IP address. What happens is anyone can sign up as a node, and then people can browse the Internet via your server or machine. These nodes act as proxies. The whole service is free, although when we tested it, it was a bit slow but does the job.

4. VPNs

VPNs are the ultimate solution to hiding your identity. They are professional servers, maintained in many countries, and have professionally programmed software that routes all your traffic via these servers.
Some of these services log what you are doing, but some even offer to not log anything that you do! So you are 100% hidden from the world via their servers. There are hundreds of VPN services to choose from, just search on Google.

Our Conclusion

In the end, you’ll always get what you pay for, If you want to browse anonymously for free, you need to put some work into it yourself, and it probably isn’t going to be quick — you will be browsing slowly, a good example is our proxy server which gets overloaded at peak times, it can be very annoying. If you are willing to spend $5-$10 per month, you can buy services that will hide your identity online and offer quick Internet at the same time, these are what VPN’s are for, the choice is up to you.